Best 8-Quart Air Fryers (2023 Review)

With our lives becoming ever more busy kitchen appliances like air fryers are a god send. They make cooking simple, fast and healthy without sacrificing the tastiness or crispiness of the food. Today we will find out which are the best 8-quart air fryers you can buy!

#1 Ninja DZ201 Foodi 8 Quart Air Fryer

Ninja DZ201 is 8-quart air fryer with two cooking zones (each 4-quart large). Ninja DZ201 is equipped with 1690 watt heating element and has temperature range of 105°F to 450°F – wider than other air fryers.

Ninja DZ201 Foodi 8 Quart Air Fryer

Ninja DZ201 cooks really well and the food is delicious. Makes food crispy on outside yet remain moist on inside. Chicken wings are a good example of this: they have crispy skin but the meat inside is juicy. French fries are crispy too.

It goes without a saying that other meals come out tasting great too. With an air fryer you can cook veggies, onion rings, steaks, hamburgers, tater tots and many other foods making this appliance really versatile.

Since you don’t have to use any oil the food is healthy and not greasy at all. If you want your meal to be a bit greasy or a bit more crispy then you can spray a little bit of oil on it before cooking.

Dual cooking zones

Ninja DZ201 air fryer has 2 cooking baskets – each is 4-quarts large. The benefit of this is that you can cook two different foods at the same time and if you don’t then you can cook the same one in both baskets. If it’s the former then you just choose separate cooking settings for each basket or if it’s the latter then you press “Match zone” button to apply same settings to both cooking baskets.

If you are cooking two different foods and want them to finish cooking at the same time you can use “Smart finish” feature which will adjust cooking temperature and time in a way that both of them finish cooking at the same time.

Control panel

Ninja DZ201 is simple to use. Button layout is intuitive and control panel isn’t overcrowded with them like on some of the other air fryers.


Ninja DZ201 is very versatile air fryer that will ensure your food tastes delicious. For these reasons it’s the best 8-quart air fryer by a large margin.

#2 CHEFMAN RJ38-SQSS-8T 8-Quart Air Fryer

CHEFMAN RJ38-SQSS-8T 8-quart air fryer is equipped with 1700 watt heating element and can cook in temperatures ranging 200°F to 400°F.

CHEFMAN RJ38-SQSS-8T 8-Quart Air Fryer

Even though CHEFMAN RJ38-SQSS-8T is not as good as Ninja DZ201 is still cooks well. It makes a fairly good job of making food like French Fries crispy on outside. Food tastes good and that’s what matters the most. You might have to experiment a bit with cooking settings at first to get the perfect results but it doesn’t take long to get hang of it.

CHEFMAN RJ38-SQSS-8T has 4 cooking programs: French fries, chicken, meat, and fish.


CHEFMAN RJ38-SQSS-8T does emit a little bit of heat but it doesn’t warm up your whole kitchen like a regular oven does. Some parts of the housing can also get warm during cooking but never so hot it would be dangerous to touch.

Control panel

CHEFMAN RJ38-SQSS-8T is equipped with LCD display and touch-sensitive buttons. For the most part it’s easy to use however sometimes control panel might not register a press of a button so you might have to press twice.


Cooking basket and crisper tray are top rack dishwasher safe.


Although CHEFMAN RJ38-SQSS-8T isn’t among the best air fryers it’s still a really decent model at a reasonable pricing.

#3 Paula Deen PDAF8TX-2 8.5-Quart Air Fryer

Paula Deen PDAF8TX-2 is the most basic air fryer in this list but that doesn’t mean it’s not a good one. With 8.5-quart basket it has slightly larger cooking capacity than the others however the extra 0.5 quarts doesn’t really make much of a difference especially since the cooking basket is quite tall.

Paula Deen PDAF8TX-2 air fryer is equipped with 1700 watt heating element and can cook in temperatures as high as 430°F (more than the CHEFMAN RJ38-SQSS-8T but less than Ninja DZ201).

Paula Deen 8.5-Quart Air Fryer

Paula Deen PDAF8TX-2 makes food delicious. Meat is tender and juicy whereas french fries are crispy just like you want them to be.

Paula Deen PDAF8TX-2 air fryer doesn’t have any presets/cooking programs.

Control panel

Unlike the other air fryers Paula Deen PDAF8TX-2 has mechanical controls. The upside of mechanical controls is that most find them a bit easier to use than digital however they are also slightly less accurate.

Paula Deen PDAF8TX-2 has two dials: one for adjusting temperature and the other one for time. Really simple and basic.


Another advantage of Paula Deen PDAF8TX-2 are accessories it comes with including mesh basket, griddle insert, grill insert, cooking insert and divider.


Despite the additional accessories and slightly larger basket size Paula Deen PDAF8TX-2 air fryer is not as good as Ninja DZ201 or CHEFMAN RJ38-SQSS-8T. With that being said it’s still a pretty good air fryer overall.

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