Best 7-Quart Air Fryers (2023 Review)

Air fryers are like smaller ovens that do everything faster, cheaper and doesn’t heat up your whole kitchen. They are also often more versatile due to cooking programs and other features which is why they have become widely popular in recent years. Since you don’t have to use oil to cook with an air fryer they are great if you want to eat healthy yet delicious and crunchy food. In this article we will find out which of the 7 quart air fryers are the best!

#1 COSORI AF701-CS XL 7-Quart Air Fryer

COSORI AF701-CS is a 7 quart air fryer with 1800 watt heating element. It has a temperature range of  100°F to 450°F which is significantly wider than the usual 180°F to 400°F range that most air fryers have.


Being the best 7-quart air fryer it’s obvious COSORI AF701-CS does a really good job of cooking food. It cooks fast, evenly and meals have rich flavor.

COSORI AF701-CS does a great job of of making food crispy on outside without losing moisture inside. You can spray a little bit of oil on foods like French Fries if you want to make them even crispier but they will still be quite crispy even if you don’t.

If you need an air fryer that will make your food taste great then COSORI AF701-CS does that jobs really well. French fries, steaks, hamburgers, onion rings, veggies, chicken wings, pork chops and many other meals come out simply delicious.

Some foods (like French Fries) will require “shaking” the basket midway through cooking cycle (there is audible alarm for this) but this isn’t really a flaw as this will ensure everything is cooked evenly.


COSORI AF701-CS has 14 presets/cooking programs (French fries, chicken, steak, vegetables, seafood, shrimp, bacon, frozen food, toast, bake, roast, dehydrate, preheat and keep warm).

Control panel

COSORI AF701-CS air fryer is equipped with display screen and touch sensitive buttons. Control panel is responsive and button layout is logical making this air fryer easy to use.


Other features of COSORI AF701-CS that we didn’t mention above include overheat protection, automatic shutoff, cool-touch door handle, non-skid padding and VeSync app compatibility.

With VeSync app you can control the air fryer as well monitor the cooking process. The one thing you cannot unfortunately do with it is to start cooking which is due to safety reasons.

VeSync app works with Apple and Android smartphones as well is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.


COSORI AF701-CS comes with wire rack, crumb tray, broiler rack, crisper plate and two dehydrating racks. They all are dishwasher safe as is the cooking basket. Cooking basket has FDA approved nonstick coating.

Size and weight

COSORI AF701-CS air fryer weighs 14 pounds (6.5 kilograms) and measures 13.5 inches wide by 12.7 inches deep by 14.9 inches tall (34.2 cm x 32.2 cm x 37.9 cm).


COSORI AF701-CS is a very versatile air fryer that cooks really well and is easy to use. For these reasons it’s easily the best 7-quart air fryer you can buy!

#2 GoWISE USA GW22971 7-Quart Air Fryer

If you are looking for something more affordable then GoWISE USA GW22971 is another great option. It’s less expensive than most of the other 7-quart air fryers but is still a really good model.


GoWISE USA GW22971 is equipped with 1700 watt heating element which is slightly less powerful than what COSORI AF701-CS has however GoWISE USA GW22971 air fryer still manages to cook food fast. It has temperature range of 180°F to 400°F (as well 90°F to 170°F when using dehydrate cooking program).

It also does a good job of making food crispy on the outside without losing any juices on inside. The food tastes great which is what matters the most at the end of the day.

GoWISE USA GW22971 has 8 cooking programs: air fry, roast, broil, bake, grill, dehydrate, keep warm and preheat.

Control panel

GoWISE USA GW22971 is equipped with LCD display and touch-sensitive buttons. It’s easy to use. Temperature can be adjusted in 5 degree increments.

Cooking basket

GoWISE USA GW22971 cooking basket measures 9.9″ by 9.75″ by 5.5″ (inches) and has removable crisper tray. They have PFOA-free non-stick coating.


GoWISE USA GW22971 air fryer measures 15’’ by 11.25’’ by 12.5’’ (inches).


GoWISE USA GW22971 air fryer comes with 3 stackable mesh racks.


GoWISE USA GW22971 might not be as advanced as COSORI AF701-CS but it’s more affordable and cooks well.

#3 PowerXL HF-196DT 7-Quart Air Fryer

PowerXL HF-196DT air fryer has 7-quart large cooking basket and 1700W heating element. It can cook in temperatures ranging from 180°F to 400°F.


Even though PowerXL HF-196DT is not quite the best 7-quart air fryer it still cooks pretty well. Chicken is very moist on inside and has crispy skin. French Fries come out crunchy too. Overall it doesn’t disappoint in the way it cooks but it wouldn’t be our first choice if we were looking to buy a new 7-quart air fryer.

PowerXL HF-196DT has 7 presets: French Fries, Roast, Shrimp, Bake, Chicken, Steak and Fish.

Control panel

PowerXL HF-196DT has LCD display and touch sensitive buttons. The buttons on the upper part of the control panel are for selecting presets, the buttons on the sides of the bottom part for adjustments and center of the bottom part has two buttons: “on/off” and “manual mode”.

The button layout is convenient making this air fryer easy to use.

Cooking basket

The 7-quart cooking basket has nonstick coating applied to it. It also has crisp vents that improves the air flow resulting in more evenly cooked food.


Even though PowerXL HF-196DT is not as good as COSORI AF701-CS or GoWISE USA GW22971 it’s still a great air fryer that cooks well.

#4 GoWISE USA GW22956 7 Quart Air Fryer

GW22956 is another decent air fryer from GoWISE USA. On paper it’s very similar to most of the other air fryers: it has 1700 watt heating element, can cook in temperatures ranging from 90° to 400°F and has cooking basket with 7-quart capacity


Just because GoWISE USA GW22956 doesn’t look as fancy as other air fryers doesn’t mean it’s not a good air fryer.

Quite the opposite, it cooks really well ensuring it the #4 spot. It cooks faster than a regular oven and makes food crunchy with little to no oil at all. The flavor of food is good and it’s certainly tasty. Works great for reheating leftovers too!

GoWISE USA GW22956 isn’t loud but you can hear the fan noise when it’s cooking.

GoWISE GW22956 comes with 3 stackable racks so you can cook more of the same food at the same time or even cook different meals simultaneously.

Despite being one of the most affordable 7-quart air fryers it does have 8 presets including air fry, roast, broil, grill, bake, reheat, keep warm and dehydrate.

Control panel

GoWISE USA GW22956 control panel features display screen and touch sensitive buttons.

Possible issues

Some consumers reported the nonstick coating peeling off. It’s hard to estimate how common this issue is but we recommend you do not use any abrasive materials to clean the basket in order not to damage the coating.


GoWISE GW22956 is available in 4 color schemes: mint/silver (GW22954), black/copper (GW22955), black/silver (GW22956) and red/silver (GW22957).


Overall GoWISE USA GW22956 is a really good air fryer for the money however due to some consumers having issues with nonstick coating peeling off it comes #4.

#5 Acezoe AF100 7.4 Quart Air Fryer

f you want something with slightly larger cooking basket then Acezoe AF100 might be the choice for you. It has 7.4 quart cooking capacity which is slightly larger than what other air fryers in this list offer however let’s be honest – 0.4 quarts in this case is not a significant different.

Acezoe AF100 is equipped with 1700 watt heating element and can cook in temperatures from 180°F to 400°F.


Acezoe AF100 cooks well as otherwise it wouldn’t be among the best 7-quart air fryers. Chicken and steaks come out crispy on outside and moist on inside and they taste great!

Acezoe AF100 has 9 presets: french fries, meat, drumsticks, steak, cake, shrimp, fish, chicken, and vegetables. They don’t always work great as the best settings depends on how much food you place in the cooking basket but at the very least they give you general idea of what temperature and time you should use.

Cooking basket is made of PFOA-free and BPA-free materials, has nonstick coating and is dishwasher safe.

Control panel

Acezoe AF100 features LCD display and touch sensitive buttons.


Acezoe AF100 is a good air fryer but it wouldn’t be our first choice. It has slightly larger cooking basket but the difference isn’t large enough to be the selling point. It’s still a great air fryer that shouldn’t disappoint you in any way.

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