1790 1.8 Liter (0.5 Gallon) Electric Water Kettle Review

1790 1.8-liter electric water kettle is an affordable option for those who don’t want to spend a lot of money but is it any good?


1790 electric kettle has 1200 watt heating element. It’s not the most powerful electric kettle but it still boils water reasonably fast. Yes, more powerful models will do it faster, but the difference isn’t night and day.


The kettle itself seems fine for the most part but the base is a bit cheap. The water doesn’t touch any plastic parts which is really nice at this price point but it does touch silicon sealant.


1790 electric kettle has boil-dry protection and auto-shut off feature. The latter could have some improvements as the water does keep boiling longer than usual before shutting off but it’s a minor gripe.

The body is mostly made of stainless steel and water compartment is fully see-through.

Possible issues

Some consumers have reported having issue with lid getting stuck (requiring more than 1 press of a button to open it) and metal rusting. It’s hard to estimate how common these issues are for long-term use.


1790 electric kettle is reasonably good unit for the money but it’s budget priced model so obviously it’s far from perfect. For those who are looking for something affordable this might do.

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