Power 3.4 QT XL Black Air Fryer Review

Power 3.4 QT XL black air fryer is a relatively cheap unit that’s big enough to cook for 2 people. It’s a pretty popular model but does it deserve to be? Cooking It cooks pretty well, food ends up moist inside and crispy on outside. However it doesn’t seem to cook perfectly evenly like some

RCA FRF472 7.1 Cubic Feet White Chest Freezer Review

RCA FRF472 is a white chest freezer with 7.1 cubic foot storage capacity. But is it better than competition? Operation RCA FRF472 works well. It’s not loud and keeps your food frozen just fine. It uses R600a refrigerant and can cool down as cold as -18 degrees Celsius (-0.4°F). Control panel Controls are pretty much

Whynter BWR-1662SD 166-Bottle Wine Refrigerator/Cooler Review

Whynter BWR-1662SD is a single zone compressor cooled wine cooler with claimed 166 bottle capacity. Honestly you will have a hard time to actually fit 166 bottles inside but you should be able to fit over 130 which is still a lot. It’s equipped with R600a (1.06 oz.) refrigerant and allows you to adjust temperature from

SHARDOR CG9406-UL2 Conical Burr Coffee Grinder Review

SHARDOR CG9406-UL2 is a conical burr coffee grinder with 200 watt motor. It’s relatively inexpensive model yet it’s not among the very cheapest units which gives some hope it’s somewhat decent, but is it? Grinding When it comes to grinding SHARDOR CG9406-UL2 is one of the best burr grinders for money. It’s still a downgrade compared

Ultrean 32-Quart Air Fryer Toaster Oven Combo Review (AF30)

Ultrean AF30 is a pretty serious air fryer/oven featuring 32 quart capacity which is 10 times more than many other models offer. It cooks in temperature ranges from 150°F to 450°F which also gives it upper hand among many other air fryers which typically cook only as low as 170-200°F and as high as 400°F.

Danby DCFM110B1WDB 11 Cubic Feet Chest Freezer Review

Danby DCFM110B1WDB is a chest freezer with a massive 11 cubic foot (311.5 liter) capacity. It uses R600a refrigerant and allows you to adjust chamber temperature from 8.78°F to -9.4°F (-12.9°C to -23°C). Operation Danby DCFM110B1WDB works great. It holds temperature well and keeps everything nice and frozen. Controls Danby DCFM110B1WDB has 2 buttons: “On/Off” buttons

Aobosi 24-Inch Dual Zone Beverage and Wine Cooler Review

Aobosi YC120-2D is a dual zone beverage/wine cooler with 4.24 cubic foot chamber capacity. It’s equipped with R600a 1.06 oz. refrigerant. Left temperature zone is large enough to accommodate up to 57 cans and allows you to set temperature from 35°F to 50°F. Right chamber is best suited for wine since temperature there can be set from

Mueller CG900-BLACK Ultra-Grind Conical Burr Grinder Review

Mueller CG900-BLACK is a popular and relatively inexpensive conical burr grinder. It’s equipped with 150 watt motor and has coffee bean bin that holds 240 grams of beans as well ground container with 130 gram capacity. Grinding Grind is pretty uniform at finer settings but as you go coarser it starts to become less consistent.

Cosori CP358-AF 12-in-1 XL 5.8QT 1700-Watt Air Fryer Review

Cosori CP358-A XL is a 1700 Watt 12-in-1 air fryer with 5.8 quart cooking basket, large enough to cook for 4 persons at a time. Cosori is one of the most popular air fryer manufacturers and are often recommended by both experts and consumers. They cook well and offer great value for money. Is this also

COOLHOME 3.5 Cubic Feet Chest Freezer Review

COOLHOME 3.5 cubic feet chest freezer uses R600a refrigerant and features adjustable thermostat that allows you to choose chamber temperature from 6.8°F to -4°F. Operation Before you turn on your COOLHOME 3.5 cubic feet chest freezer for the first time you should let it sit upright for 4 hours. Once you have allowed coolant fluids to