Asani Waterproof Car Roof Cargo Bag Review

Asani waterproof car roof cargo bag is one of the cheaper models on the market today – does lower price tag mean it’s garbage? Lets find out! Asani cargo bag offers 15 cubic feet (425 liters) of storage space with maximum weight limit of 99 lbs. It’s made of triple layer waterproof tarpaulin that in

Snow Joe SJ622E Review

Snow Joe SJ622E is corded electric snow blower with 4 blade steel auger that cuts 18 inches wide and 10 inches deep. Snow Joe SJ622E has 15-amp motor and can clear up to 720 pounds of snow per minute. Performance Clears 10 inches of fluffy snow effortlessly and will handle more too! Deals with dense

VEVOR 110V Commercial Ice Maker Machine Review

Although advertised as commercial ice maker VEVOR 110V ice machine is more suited for home use. Most countertop ice makers produce up to 26 lbs of ice cubes per 24 hours (up to 1.1 lbs per hour) – which is enough for single use but won’t likely upkeep with demand if you are throwing a

FIVKLEMNZ Car Roof Bag (Review)

FIVKLEMNZ car roof bag is among best selling rooftop cargo carriers today. If offers 15 cubic feet of storage capacity and has really good consumer feedback. Is it really that good? Quality FIVKLEMNZ car roof bag is made of 600D Oxford cloth – material is thick and feels sturdy. All seam are heat welded and

Husqvarna ST224P Snow Blower Review

Husqvarna ST224P is one of the best selling snow blowers from the manufacturer. It has clearing width of 24 inches and intake height of 23. Together with its 208cc engine that has power output of 6.3 horsepower and 9.5 lb-ft. of torque it should be able to clear tons of snow. So how well does

RoofPax Car Roof Bag (Review)

RoofPax car roof bag offers 19 cubic feet of storage capacity. It’s among best selling rooftop cargo bags – so how good is it compared to competition? Quality The first impression you have of Roofpax car roof bag is how well made it’s – materials are sturdy, thick and of high quality. RoofPax says the

Snow Joe iON8024-XR (Review)

Snow Joe iON8024-XR is one of more serious electric snow blowers. It’s a two stage snow blower with 2 serrated steel blade auger that can clear up to 1,000 pounds of ice per minute. It has 2500 watt brushless motor as well 24 inch clearing width and 13 inch clearing depth/intake height. Performance Snow Joe

Greenworks 2601302 Pro 80V Snow Thrower (Review)

Greenworks 2601302 Pro 80V is a battery powered snow blower with clearing width of 20 inches and intake height of 10. Greenworks is a very popular choice when it comes to electric blowers, mowers, string trimmers, hedge trimmers etc., so how well does their snow blower perform? Performance Just as expected Greenworks 2601302 Pro 80V

KUPPET 2 in 1 Countertop Ice Maker Water Dispenser Review

KUPPET 2 in 1 ice maker is a multifunctional countertop device – it can make ice cubes and dispense water. It uses compressor refrigeration technology to make ice and can produce up to 26 pounds of ice cubes per 24 hours. It can make bullet shaped ice cubes in 2 different sizes: a batch of

Snow Joe iON100V-21SB (Review)

If you think battery powered snow blowers have inadequate performance Snow Joe iON100V-21SB 100 volt snow blower is here to change your mind. It’s one of the most powerful battery powered snow blowers while not being outrageously expensive. Performance Is Snow Joe iON100V-21SB as powerful as equally priced gas snow blower? No, it’s not. That